Women around the world must be praised and honored, women that work hard every day to ensure a brighter and happier future. Women who are not afraid, who risk and become heroines in someone's life or for someone else. A few days to celebrate the date that marks achievements and victories, of emancipation and successes.

Almost celebrating the tribute and homage day to all Women, we want you to have everything planned for March the 8.
What are we talking about?
A special treat, a surprise, a symbolic gift, to make happy the Woman of your life - the most beloved mother in the world or the best friend ever.

Very special suggestions and totally dedicated to women.





This is our Guift Guide






vitriini iittala


1. Vitriini - Iittala
For the vainer, a showcase will always be a good choice and, with a box that will surprise, you cannot fail. In amazing colors, this will be a fun place to put the favorite jewelry and accessories. With this variety of shades and sizes, these boxes offer more opportunities to combine - you just have to choose the one you like the most.

2. Bottle vase - House Doctor
In transparent recycled glass: the uniqueness of a Bottle. A sublime blend. 
Bottle vase combines a bottle and a vase in an object with potential prominence in your home decor - to offer to those who love alternatives to conventional decorations. A unique vase for a unique woman.

3. Aalto vase - Iittala
Still talking about vases, and women that love flowers, we suggest a work of art.
By Iittala, Aalto symbolizes the beauty of handmade work and is one of the great names in modern architecture and design. Since 1937, that this unique shape conquers everyone who loves design and decoration - oh, and flowers, of course!

4. Vacuum - Eva Solo
For every women who can't live without a coffee or a cup of tea.
Hot or cold, this jug offers all the possibilities according to the taste of each one. It is very functional but also sophisticated and an irreverent gift to commemorate this day.

House Doctor


Eva Solo





cake server magisso

1. Cake server - Magisso
Serving a piece of cake is easier and more stylish than ever. For the grandmothers, who love to serve a cake and delight everyone at home, this server is the perfect little treat to offer on Women's Day. In many colors, you just need to choose the one that identifies the most with your grandmother...and surprise her!

2. Mug To - Alessi
Heart shaped, this mug is the perfect gift for special occasions. To, much more than a simple mug, a message. And, of course, on Women's Day, no one will be indifferent to this love-filled piece.

3. Big Ovo - Alessi
TThe biscuits' new company. If at grandma's house cookies are always on the table to spoil the family, then it is time to give a sweet gift to these very special women. In a funny, elegant jar that will make the difference in the decoration!

4. Foldable trolley - Reisenthel
To go shopping with style, originality and in a funny way. With different patterns, not only will be a great help but also a surprise: this big shopping assistant is quickly transformed into a small bag. Amazing!








lily pond alessi

1. Lily pond - Alessi
A plate, a bowl and chopsticks that will grant homemade sushi a new flavor. Because your girlfriend or your wife, who are certainly the most special women of your life, deserve a delicious set. With a touch of personality, sushi nights at home will be more extraordinary. 

2. Orchid Pot - Eva Solo
Who’s the women that don't love flowers? With the Eva Solo's vase and a beautiful orchid, all the ingredients are gathered for an enchanting gift! AA simple and beautiful orchid is a perfect match for the Scandinavian design and to surprise the woman of your life.

3. You tea infuser
You, brewing with love. What is the most enchanting way to celebrate this day as with a proof of love and admiration? This infuser, by its peculiar shape, will speak for itself.

4. Big Love- Alessi
When it comes to honoring women, you have to pamper them with gifts that make a difference. Alessi's ice cream bowl is the answer, if you haven't found the perfect souvenir. Perfect for a romantic moment, with a heart-shaped spoon!

Eva Solo








drinking bottle eva solo

1. Drinking bottle - Eva Solo
A simple yet appealing bottle! For friends who like innovative styles, originality and, at the same time, simplicity. By the color of its strap this bottle is even more fun and offers a touch of personality!

2. Anna G - Alessi
For dinners with friends, only women, Anna G is the perfect corkscrew. Her job is to help you enjoy a good wine with no effort at all and with its surprising design, Anna G it's a very special gift to offer to your best friends - and this is a huge tribute to women.

3. Heart cake stand - Bordallo Pinheiro
Love is on the table! Because friendship is about love too. And for your best friend, one of the most special woman in your life, this cake stand, by the Portuguese brand Bordallo Pinhiero, is a very sweet surprise.

4. Adagio - Alessi
An elegant and sophisticated insulated jug, perfect to serve breakfast! For that friend who doesn't start the day without coffee: surprise her with a traditional, but contemporary, thermal jug. Each morning will have a special flavor.



Bordallo Pinheiro





Celebrate and surprise the Woman of your life!