12 September 2017

Work spaces at home

Nowadays it is quite often to use up a house area to build your workspace. Find out the suggestion we have for you!


Working from home is becoming more common. The internet, sharing and the easy access, opened doors to new possibilities and new ways and methods of work. It is, therefore, important that we be able to adapt to this recent ethic that has come to stay. And adjust the house to all the needs that are require today. 

The progressive growth of this new way of working from home obliges to rethink the areas of the home, being imperative that dedicate a space for the construction of the office: to potentiate the discipline and to foment the concentration.

A division that in the past did not exist and that, currently, is fundamental: the home office.
Thinking about this division decoration, can be a fun, challenging and exciting task!




Thinking about the space, where and how you want to set up your office is a very important step - to ensure a pleasant result in the end. After all, it is in this area that you will spend a lot of your time, where you need concentration and creativity, where you need to feel the tranquility and the quiet, for better results.

Simplicity is the key word. Make it simple, beautiful, trendy and contemporary. Don't forget: less is more!

normann copenhagen


Form chair
with a minimalist expression, has a contemporary design, a soft and comfortable outline, perfect for any decoration style. A comfortable chair, with an excellent back support, granting total motion freedom. Choosign your office chair is one of the most important things: after all you're gonna be sit for hours...make it comfortable!

Block table,
A versatile piece of mobile furniture, to help you organize some things in your office. Block has a clear and simple design and utility expression, so you can put your pappers and the acessories. 

Pocket organizer,
A versatile and decorative solution for your wall, suitable for any part of your home.
Storage never felt so right! Create your own colourful patterns with a mixture of colours and sizes: just like the way you like it. 


Durability is a key factor in this space. You must ensure that your furniture is high quality and made of durable materials; after all, it is a space of daily and frequent use. It is important that you invest wisely in the furniture pieces.




Copenhague desk,
in solid oak wood, the functionality united with the design! With the advantage of being compact and practical, the Copenhagen desk is ideal for work spaces or office environments.

About a chair 12,
modern and with a jovial touch, this chair exalts any scenery. No arms: and for this reason more clean, sober and without irregularities! A refreshing expression on the furniture of your home!


The reflection of your personality is imperative,in any area of ​​the home. Here, is no exception! You should ensure that your home office is a space where you feel good and comfortable, where you can be creative and productive. Integrate in this space details and even pieces of furniture that reveal the best of your personality.


we wood


Inês table,
é a mesa ideal para qualquer ambiente pelo seu design contemporâneo. Proporções harmoniosas ...  Inconfundíveis!

Bookshelves x2,
a piece that depends only on your creative side! Explore the various and versatile positions of this innovative set of shelves that combine with every home office. A shelf made of 100% solid wood French oak or walnut.

Bolsa desk,
with a three-compartment bag in leather or cork. With an ample working space, the additional bag allows you to have all your documents and materials well organized! Original, elegant...Simply unique!


Make your home office a space where you like to be...and to work!

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