Citrus squeezer with a glass jug - Eva Solo

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The citrus press, by Eva Solo, is an efficient tool that combines a glass jug, a plastic funnel and the stainless steel squeezer. 

Press the fruit gently into the citrus press; the plastic funnel will then filter out the seeds, so that just the juice and pulp pass through to the glass jar.

Juice ready to drink.

Besides its excellence design, this citrus squeezer unites aesthetics and well-being....

Dishwasher safe.


Prizes and awards:

  • Formlans Award 1999 - Formland Fair, Denmark 
  • The International Yearbook 2001 Design
  • If Design Award 2002 - Industrie Forum Design Hannover, Germany

Eva Solo
Height: 19 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Capacity: 60 cl



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Be a sweet tooth
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