Legio nova bowl with lid - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Legio nova bowl with lid

Eva Solo - Legio nova bowl with lid



Bowl with lid in porcelain: small items filled with life.

Live by the rules of simplicity is the motto of those who choose Legio Nova.

Surround yourself with minimalist pieces that don't compromise decoration; instead, they add elegance and sophistication to your table.
Less is more: the bowl with lid proves that a small object can make a difference - on the table, decoration, in the scenario that you want to create.

This small, charming bowl with lid gives us endless possibilities to be used: for salt, pepper, your favorite dried fruits, spices or even candies.
Small in size, but huge on opportunities of use.

Are you filled with ideas for its use?!

Bowl with lid in porcelain.


Eva Solo

Height: 5.7 cm
Diameter: 8.4 cm