Flora backyard rectangular rug - Nanimarquina

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    Nanimarquina Flora backyard rug 170x240
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Nanimarquina - Flora backyard rug 170x240

Flora backyard rectangular - Nanimarquina

expected delivery 18 Jun - 20 Jun


One of Santi Moix's works on the Nanimarquina rug.
Flora Backyard is actually a representation of one of Moix's works - which was transferred, in the most real way possible, to the rug.

A garden inside your home, at your feet.

As the name implies, this rug is the reinterpretation of a natural space behind a house (Backyard), where the flora is denser, wilder, more untamed.
It is possible to observe that same anarchy and disarray in the Flora rug. An unique and striking mural, where disorderly but purposefully, you can still see the lines of the pencil sketches. 

A reinterpretation of the artist, where he explores the parallelism between life and death: and for that the details, the care and the attention in flowers and in the use of color, which represents birth, life in an explosion of color and, finally, their decay.


Nanimarquina is Climate Neutral Certified, Flora is a certified Carbon Footprint Offset


Know in detail all Nanimarquina tecniques in our Design in Life Mag.

design Santi Moix


Height: 170 cm
Width: 240 cm


Manually manufactured, using the "HandTufted" system .100% virgen wool.
Density of 56,000 knots/m2.
The fur height is 10 mm and the total mat is 14 mm, weighing 4,2kg/m2.
Dry cleaning is not recommended



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