Pebble cheese plane - Normann Copenhagen

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    Normann Copenhagen Pebble cheese plane
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Normann Copenhagen - Pebble cheese plane

Normann Copenhagen - Pebble cheese plane black

Normann Copenhagen



Perfect to fit your hand, the perfectly shaped knife.
To always have around you.

Pebble cheese slicer: nhumi, nhumi.

Thin slices, to eat up and taste.
Ensure the best cut in your favorite cheese: and let the slices speak for themselves. An essential tool for those who love this snack.

With an attractive and unique expression, with a careful design and full of personality: the black tone offers elegance and sophistication to this piece.

For all cheese lovers: Pebbles is the must-have collection.
A range of products to serve cheese, from boards to knives, with an elegant presentation and aesthetic value, which complete the features and utilities of this collection.
Different utensils created to match each other.

Pebble cheese slicer in stainless Steel, ceramic coating and silicone handle.
Suitable for dishwasher

design Simon Legald

Normann Copenhagen
Height: 20 cm
Width: 7,4 cm
Depth: 2 cm


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