Swan bird - Normann Copenhagen

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    Normann Copenhagen Swan black
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Normann Copenhagen - Swan black

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Normann Copenhagen



We are driven by beauty... Beauty creats affections and hustles emotions.

With that in mind, no wonder we have to surround ourselves with beautiful objects taht can grant us joy every day.

The wooden Swan, with the clear outlines and sculptural shape, provides character and personality to any modern interior.

Just like a pictogram, Swan comes across an almost indiferent posture and timeless elegance

A round body and a long, straight neck, in oak wood.

Swan stands out with an expression neither feminin nor male.

Place Swan on your bedside table as a heartfriend.

Allow Swan to welcome your guests in the hallway, placed on a shelf or closet, or just let its graceful presence create a cosy ambience in the living room.

Awarded with:
Winner of IF Product Design Award 2015

Everything Elevated 

Normann Copenhagen
Altura: 18 cm
Largura: 11.5 cm
Profundidade: 6.2 cm


Mother's day: the gifts that fill their hearts
Mother's day: the gifts that fill their hearts
Because our mother is always the best in thhe world. Besides the hugs, the affection , surprise your mom with a special gift.