Exteso extendible table - Pedrali

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    Pedrali Exteso extendible table
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Pedrali - Exteso extendible table

expected delivery 30 Jul - 01 Aug


Exteso - back to basics!

As simple as it gets...

But do not deceive yourself... Exteso has some secrets of his own!!!
From a mere 178 cm, Exteso stretches up to an amazing 278 cm... always room for one more!!!!

The aluminum extensions slide in eaves, two boards, 50cm each, enable to extend the table easily.
The wheel system allows the legs to slide sideways, enabling a bigger functionality.

Table made of whitened oak veneer and solid tapered wood.

design: Pedrali R&D

Height: 75 cm
Width: 178 - 278 cm
Depth: 75cm


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