Trino christmas camel - Alessi

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    Alessi Trino christmas camel
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Alessi - Trino christmas camel

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Trino Camelo, which takes the Three Wise Men. The piece with color, vibrant, full of stars and magic.
With three humps, it follows the Magui on their way to the crib. It is an essential element in the Christmas collection.

Trino Camel, he's coming.

With a pattern full of stars, with different colors that stand out, this element is essential in the Christmas crib.

This piece completes the Christmas spirit, the magic of the season, the festivities.
Designed by Massimo Giacon, who has already accustomed us to his irreverence and contemporaneity, but also to the sweetness and tenderness of Christmas pieces.
Trino christmas camel

In hand painted porcelain.

design Massimo Giacon



Height: 11 cm


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