Set of three re magi - Alessi

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The Three Kings...

friendly and smiling, these Kings are preparing to visit your Nativity scene.

They carry gold, incense and myrrh ... and joy!

In porcelain and hand painted, they're key characters in any Nativity scene.

Combine with the Nativity scene and the remaining parts of this wonderful collection, and enter in the true Christmas spirit.

Did you know that ...
The Nativity scene, all its characters and creative Christmas's decorations, are part of the Figure's project designed by Massimo Giacon.
Represent the magical world, the symbolic presence of the discreet and small ornaments, the inspiration and the reappearance of objects of worship.
Presepe (Nativity scene), is a set of small figures and a mixture of different races. Everything is permeated by a certain air of happiness and optimism.

It's Christmas!

design Massimo Giacon


Height: 4 cm
Diameter: 3 cm



Christmas magic!

last update: 18 November 2016

Christmas magic!
Tradition combined with the unique touch of Alessi.The beauty of this special season full of magic.
The most magical ornament for christmas tree

last update: 14 November 2018

The most magical ornament for christmas tree
Made of glass and hand painted pieces: Alessi's christmas special for the perfect tree.