Lucy d tèo spoon for tea bag - Alessi

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    Alessi Tèo spoon for tea bag
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Alessi - Tèo spoon for tea bag




Tèo, tea is ready!

At first sight, its job is not quite clear.
In a closer look, Tèo reveals itself... a simple design it is possible to remove the tea bag in an elegant drop free manner,

Prepare your tea to gain a heavenly aroma and a flavour of the gods... let it blend.... To remove the tea bag use Tèo: pull and squeeze delicatly the tea bag through the spoon hollow.

Say goodbye to the drops after preparing your tea. Now you can relax and Tèo will do the dirty work.

Made of stainless steel.
From the Objets-Bijoux collection.


Length: 14.5 cm


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