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    Alessi Circus set of 2 spice jars
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Alessi - Circus set of 2 spice jars

Alessi - Circus spice jars




The magic of the circus at the table, in a true carousel of emotions and colors, in a unique interpretation.
The entertaining jars that captivate at first sight, which are practical and also work as a decorative piece.

Live the energy of Circus.

A sensory experience, a magical trip.
It is in this collection that you will be able to take all your guests to a world of enchantment.

In silk-screen glass with hermetic lid in tinplate, the Circus jars are not only an original piece but also practical.
To put your spices and ensure more color and life in these jars.

An exceptional option.
Bring joy to your table, to your kitchen.

design Marcel Wanders

Height: 12 cm
Diameter: 5.3 cm
Capacity: 14 cl


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