Rendez vous fruit bowl - Alma Gemea

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    Alma Gemea Fruit bowl
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Alma Gemea - Fruit bowl

Rendez vous fruteira - Alma Gemea

expected delivery 14 Oct - 16 Oct
Alma Gemea


Decoration closely related to Nature; a versatile piece, with character and full of personality.
Rendez Vous is a noble piece, that fascinates at first sight and which is a protagonist at any table.

Portugal at the table.

This centerpiece, which easily fulfills so many other functions - such as a fruit bowl or a decorative piece - reveals the quality of portuguese design.
Minimalist, it is in the combination of these nobel materials that we see the true uniqueness of the piece. It is through the harmony of cork and ceramic that Rendez Vous enchants and dazzles - "after we’ve seen them together, we can’t imagine them any other way."

On a special date, on a commemorative occasion, surprise your guests with Rendez Vous.

In addition, this is an environmentally friendly object, which values ​​cork and respects nature.
It is - in its essence and appearance - an outstanding piece, with all its distinctive, remarkable and noble characteristics.


100% natural product, produced piece by piece.
For this special reason, slight colour or shape variations may come up on the same reference, granting the charcateristics of an unique and exclusive object.


design Gonçalo Martins and Francisco Vieira Martins

Alma Gemea

Height: 11 cm
Diameter: 30 cm




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