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    Mpfxdesign Oli olive plate
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Mpfxdesign - Oli olive plate

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Oli®, the olive plate for every olive in the world.

Oli® is the olive plate that combines looks and functionality bearing both olives and olive pits.

The brand Oli®, is a petit-nom for the both curvaceous and feminin olive tree fruit, the olive, which comes from the latin word "olea". 
 It passes on grace and lightness, joy and sound, making it easier to understand beyond borders.

Oli®, is a porcelain object, dyed black on the outside, completely glazed and horizontally divided into two similar parts:
The base is a olive serving bowl, and the upper part is a pit container that can be removed through a removable lid, thus allowing the cleaning of that part.

Reinforced by the letter composition, the logo objectively characterizes Oli®, as if was the usage process. The first letter is the composition of the drawing of the object itself: an olive.
the last one is the fianl element of the process of olive tasting: the pit.

Dish-washer safe.

Oli®, never a portuguese saying made perfect sense: "O que é nacional é bom!" (Everything that is portuguese is good!)

From Portugal to the world!
With Love, Oli® 


Awards and distinctions:

  • Platina awuard in A’Design Award 2016

design Miguel Pinto Félix

Height: 12 cm
Diameter: 11 cm
Capacity: 300 ml



We love oli olive plate
We love oli olive plate
Oli won the Platinum A´Design Award 2016. "Everything that is portuguese is good!"
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