Demetra table lamp - Artemide

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    Artemide Demetra table lamp
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Artemide - Demetra table lamp

Artemide - Demetra tavolo md




Tired of entering a space and looking for the switch among darkness?

Do not harm yourself! Demetra, a table lamp, is the answer to your problem!

Demetra is an ingenious and functional lamp that combines shape and functionality

Equipped with a presence detector, Demetra lightens up after identifying movement up to 2,5m away.

After 12 minutes without movement, it will turn off so that there will be no unnecessary consumption.

Its two flexible arms are height adjustable, with a articulate and totating diffuser, as well as a cable control system along the arms, providing stability.

design Naoto Fukasawa

Height: 57 cm
Width: 65 cm
Depth: 21 cm


Degree of protection IP20
Insulation category III
Certification of European conformity
Suitable for installation on inflammable surfaces


Bulbs: Not replaceable, integrated LED
LED 3000K, 8W, 385lm, CRI=90




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