Suspended bird feeder - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Bird feeder
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Eva Solo - Bird feeder

Eva Solo


Feed the birds in your gardens!

Simple, elegant and functional, the traditional Scandinavian design.

When the first leaves fall and winter is coming, some people put bird feeders in their gardens to feed the birds.

Encourage birds to feed themselves....
This bird feeder is perfect, an excellent alternative that will give elegance to your garden.


Prizes and awards:

  • iF Design Award 2007
  • DeseignPreis 2008


Eva Solo
Diameter: 20 cm



Special guests in the garden: the birds

last update: 25 June 2018

Special guests in the garden: the birds
For those who love these little birds. They are a special guests in your garden. Here's how to make the bird space unique.

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