Tolomeo spot - Artemide

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    Artemide Tolomeo spot
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Artemide - Tolomeo spot

Artemide - Tolomeo faretto

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    Artemide Tolomeo spot LED
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Artemide - Tolomeo spot LED

Artemide - Tolomeo faretto



You can now light up small areas, highlighting them as they deserve, with these fancy and elegant Tolomeo spotlights.

Perfect as a bedside table lamp, they can also be used in unexpected areas.

Small light notes, addressing where you need most

You can use them to light up your kitchen counter, paintings in the living room, side tables.... Be creative!

The structure with a mobile arm is made of polished aluminum.
The swivel diffuser (in every direction) is made of opaque anodized aluminum, parchment and satin textile.

The joints and holders are made of bright aluminum.​


design Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina


Height: 23 cm
Width: 28 cm


Degree of protection IP20
Insulation category I
Certification of European conformity
Suitable for installation on inflammable surfaces

1 bulb LED 8W or Halo 77W (E27)
Tolomeo LED - Not replaceable, integrated LED
LED 3000K, 10W, 593lm, CRI=90


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