Teacups à table thé - Asa Selection

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Asa Selection - Set of 6 teacups à table thé

Asa Selection - A table teacup with saucer




Tea Cups À Table Thé

Tea time! An intimate moment now in even better company!

To warm the soul and beautify your home, the teacups À Table Thé, are the perfect marriage with the most delicious and aromatic teas!

So precious and fine design teacups, that are worthy of the Queen of England!

Teacups in "fine bone china" porcelain.
A porcelain known for its luster, pure white and exceptionally resistant quality.

They can be washed in the dishwasher and microwaveable.

Sold in sets of 6 teacups with respective saucers.


Awards and distinctions:

  • Home&Trend Award 2014
  • Grand Prix Table & Cadeau Vaisselle 2014


Asa Selection

Capacity: 17 cl


The return of asa selection

last update: 08 August 2016

The return of asa selection
A delicate touch of personality in your home. All the elegance at your table.