The return of fascinating pieces,

that captivate at first sight and that are amazing, in your table or in your home decoration.
Asa Selection is a leader in the ceramics industry, which represents the perfect harmony between modern and simple design.
The most anticipated return...



Unconventional, simple and modern design, ASA is represented in 80 countries and, therefore, present in markets all around the world.

Practical design and pure colors become fundamental features that make part of the progress and growth of the brand.
A brand that expands its unique collections, focused on Living and Dinning design.

Recognized by the most respected architects, chefs and an entire target audience that values simple and contemporary trends, free-spirit and passionate about art.

The colors that complete the Spring atmosphere, that keep up with summer days , which give energy to the early days of autumn and that cheers up the coldest winter days. In any season, at the table or in other areas of the house , ASA Selection fits in any environment.


The simplicity defines the beauty of these ceramic pieces, which are returning now to





Teresa Pontes Casa Jardim Decoração
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