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    Authentics Urban garden triple plant bag
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Authentics - Urban garden triple plant bag

Authentics - Urban garden triple plant bag sx3



Urban Garden x 3

Being the ideal product for the plant loving urban people, Urban Garden is now revolutionizing everything you think you know about plants and how to treat them.

With low maintenance, the Urban Gardens vases will grow happy plants!

They offer a relaxed, chilled-out, functional look, perfect to every decor, even the most conservative, and they come in waterproof material.


The triple bag, designed for small plants, will surprise you.

Urban Garden x 3, with 1 litre volume each, are three bags stiched together. 

Its' unusal shape with metal holders, allows you to decide which pattern you prefer: in a line, in circle, zig-zag, U-shaped, L-shaped...

They are perfect to put on top of a table or a on a window sill.

Urban Gardens are the casual and perfect choice!

In your kitchen, your herbs will shine... In your living-room your plants will the centre of all attentions.

Urban Gardens are suitable for aprox. 9cm diametre vases. Poliester bags also available in white. On the inside there is a little pouch in fur coated in PVC.


All bags include granulate clay and water level indicator.

Learn more at design-in-life magazine

Height: 22 cm
Width: 48 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Capacity: 3x1 liters



Urban garden authentics

last update: 27 May 2015

Urban garden authentics
Urban Garden - the best for your plants: Perfect for all indoor plants, like herbs, flowers and traditional indoor plants. No matter where they are planted, plants and flowers always tend to catch our eye.