14 February 2019

6 easy-to-grow, can’t kill houseplants for beginners

If you love plants but do not know how to keep them alive for a long time, find out some suggestions here.


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There’s something very magical about filling a home with greenery. No matter the space or size, it seems lush, and happy houseplants always know the way to livening up any room. These little guys do everything in their might to lift our spirits, and yet why do so many of us fall short when keeping them alive?

Please tell me you’ve had your fair share of killing plants, right?


Yet after a little research — and a lot of plant-killing guilt — I finally found the best houseplants for beginners. Yes, these will need a bit of water and TLC, but other than that these plants are easy to grow and pretty tough to kill.

Trust me, if I can cultivate a green thumb, you can. Everyone can. The whole world can. So whether you’re looking for some greenery to thrive in your apartment, office, dorm room, or even a dark, dismal corner, these plants have your back!


prayer plant

1. Prayer Plant

Adored for its fun foliage, the Prayer Plant is a hardy indoor plant that is super easy to grow and maintain. This type of houseplant does best in bright, indirect sunlight. Although, it can be somewhat tolerant of dimly-lit areas, too. Feed it with warm water about every two weeks while showing it some love, and it will do the rest of the work for you.


split leaf

2. Split Leaf Philodendron

When it comes to impossible-to-kill-house-plants, the Split Leaf Philodendron will always take the crown. This large-and-in-charge houseplant makes a great addition to any space. It thrives when exposed to bright, indirect light (even artificial light!) and should be kept evenly moist. The best part? This plant even grows edible fruit that tastes like pineapple. Plus, you can cut off one of the huge leaves and keep it in a vase for up to a month. Talk about a win-win!


air plants

3. Air Plants

Three words: no soil required. These tiny plants redefine little-to-no-maintenance, as they only require about a misting every now and then. Even if you consider yourself to be the most neglectful gardener, you can keep these babies alive.



4. Lucky Bamboo

If you’re looking to infuse some fresh air into your office space, the Lucky Bamboo is for you. Not only does this perennial plant thrive in even the stalest of working conditions (bad lighting, poor air quality, sporadically watered, etc.), but it’s also believed to enhance positive energy and bring about good luck. Who knows, that luck could bring about a promotion?!


ponytail palm

5. Ponytail Palm

Also known as the Bottle Palm, this plant is another low-maintenance winner. With its large, long truck that stores water, this palm is practically indestructible. It is happiest when watered once a week and situated in an extra sunny spot.


succulents and cacti)

6. Succulents and Cacti

I bet you knew this one was coming. But how could succulents and cacti not be on a houseplants-for-beginners list!? Forget maintenance — these plants practically thrive on neglect. These cuties can seriously take the heat, so be sure to place them in the sunniest spot of a space. Window sills are a great option. Water sparingly and they will be your forever companion!


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And for plant-lovers, at Inexistência you find some proposals of planting pots to filling the environment with greenery and give more life to your home. The perfect complement to put your favorite plants.


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Eva Solo

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Cane Line

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