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    Authentics Urban garden small bag
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Authentics - Urban garden small bag

expected delivery 11 Aug - 13 Aug
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    Authentics Urban garden medium bag
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Authentics - Urban garden medium bag

expected delivery 11 Aug - 13 Aug



Urban Garden a heavenly product...

Yes! With these pouches your flowers will seem heavenly!

Ideal for the plant urban lovers who do not like to place plants in their conventional way!

Hanging from the ceiling, these bags will hold your plants in an sublime way.... giving the room a fresh and delicate look!

Surprise is this assembly line's middle name. Connecting more than one bag, Urban Garden can be turned into a delicious curtain in your kitchen where delicious herbs will rise.

Or it can also be turned into a "wall", breaking two rooms in the most original way ever!

With low maintenance, the Urban Gardens vases will grow happy plants!

They offer a relaxed, chilled-out, functional look, perfect to every decor, even the most conservative, and they come in waterproof material.

All sizes come with zipper straps, inner pouch with draining process, expanded granulate clay and water level indicator.

Be original! Choose Urban Gardens and revolutionize your plants!

design Patrick Nadeau

Urban  Garden

Ideal for indoor plants such as herbs, flowers and the traditional indoor plants.

It is a low maintenance object, and its inner water system assures the needed moist and humidity to all conventional plants.

Learn more at design-in-life magazine


Urban Garden plant sacs designed by Patrick Nadeau for Authentics.


Urban garden authentics
Urban garden authentics
Urban Garden - the best for your plants: Perfect for all indoor plants, like herbs, flowers and traditional indoor plants. No matter where they are planted, plants and flowers always tend to catch our eye.

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