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Urban Garden, the best for your plants!

With the every-day city life, it is practically impossible to have plants at home, for they require a lot of love and attention.

For all nature lovers without time to spend in the wild, Urban Garden found a solution to their problem...

With Urban Garden bags, there is a new possibilty to blend in the plants in your home's decor.

Say goodbye to the common brown plastic / clay vases.

Spread joy and colour to your plants and to your home.

With low maintenance, the Urban Gardens vases will grow happy plants!

They offer a relaxed, chilled-out, functional look, perfect to every decor, even the most conservative, and they come in waterproof material.

Urban Garden is made up of 3 bags: the outer bag is a waterproof with 2 zippers poliester texture - the face of this product.

Inside you will find 2 bags - one is a net with two straps, smoothing the transportation, giving the vase its' structure and shape; and the other one, in PVC, with a poliester interior, has direct contact with the plant's root.

The assembly of the Urban Garden is quite simple: first put the PVC bag inside the net so that it can gain its' shape, then you should pour a tiny portion of clay into the bottom and put in the root on top of it. Once that is done, fill in the rest with more clay while squeezing this bag. Once this part is finished, with the help of both straps, put these 2 bags inside the outer one and it is finally assembled. 

Your Urban Garden is ready to be used and cause envy to the whole city!

All bags include the granulate clay and the water level indicator.

design Patrick Nadeau

Urban  Garden

Ideal for inside plants such as herbs, flowers and the traditional indoor plants.

It is a low maintenance object, and its inner water system assures the needed moist and humidity to all conventional plants.

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Urban Garden plant sacs designed by Patrick Nadeau for Authentics.


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