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The Baclong helps to define spaces to easily identify the different species within.

Its handles have multiple functions: maintain the baclong's shape, for easy transport or to delimit your plantations for easy identification of different species.

Excellent for growing vegetables, climbing plants or even small bushes to beautify your garden.

Baclong creates on the same land, everything you like or need the most!

Children will love to protect and to be held responsible for their crops, they will enjoy to watch the growth of a tomato, to imagine the under growth of a raddish, and, when the time comes to harvest, they will be eager to taste them, even hating vegetables!!!!

Bacsac® is the new kind of garden, for the present and future, following the tradition of the Middle Age's squared gardens.
In both urban or rural areas, Bacsac® is a portable fragment of nature, an ecological vegetable or flowered garden, the secret garden you always wished for: flowers to pick, vegetables to eat...

According to the "square foot gardening" method, this is a rotation of crops that lasts all year long.

It is also a chance to learn more about vegetables, to know them, to check out the ones that last longer, to aknowledge that they are not planted at the same time...
A patience learning school.... growing a garden allows us to discover the primitive sense of the seasons rhythm, to respect nature's cycles....

Perfect for outdoors, made of geotextile or Batyline.
100% recyclable, resistant to high temperatures and UV rays
In geotêxtil or Batyline in multi-layers in cerise or avocado.


Height: 40cm
Width: 30cm
Length: 90 cm
Capacity: 110 lt


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