Balcony braces - Bacsac

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    Bacsac Set of 2 balcony braces
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Bacsac - Set of 2 balcony braces

Bacsac - Bretelles de balcon




Balcony braces

An idea so simple and practical that will make you want to have thought of it before! ;)

The most beautiful and functional things are truly the result of the most simple and uncomplicated ideas.

Create a small balcony to display your flowers and surprise your neighbors!

2 hooks with 2 adjustable straps - So easy, so simple!

Why not use them also inside the house, in your kitchen for a new and pratical shelf for extra help?

Unleash your creativity and enjoy the world of possibilities by Bacsac

Set of 2 nylon braces in black.



Height: 170 cm
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 3 cm



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