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    Blomus Acqua carafe 1 liter
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Blomus - Acqua carafe 1 liter

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    Blomus Acqua carafe 1.5 liters
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Blomus - Acqua carafe 1.5 liters




Acqua - pure pleasure...

With a pure, simple design and a pinch of functionality we present Acqua. 

The bottles will be our guests of honour, having a featured spot at the centre of the table, available for everyone.

Water, juices, lemonade, orange juice... Acque is ready to serve and pour...

To refill just take the lid off.. fill it with water, some lemon or orange slices... hmmmmm

To pour just tip it over a bit and the lid will open automatically...
Due to its size, it is the ideal to freshen up on your frigde's door.

Acqua, from the frigde to your table!


  • IF Design Award 2011
  • Good design


Height: 30.5 cm
Diameter: 9 cm



Height: 34.5 cm
Diameter: 10 cm



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