Fraga scented candle - Blomus

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    Blomus Fraga scented candle rose & white musk
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Blomus - Fraga scented candle rose & white musk

Fraga Scented candle flint stone - Blomus

expected delivery 25 Oct - 27 Oct



It is impossible to resist an environment illuminated by the softness and harmony of a candle light.
The key to ensure a cozy and warm environment in every area.

Fraga: light and aroma and a touch of pure comfort.

We know that there are several proposals for decorating your home with candles... however, this suggestion goes beyond the typical choices.

Fraga is a scented candle in a beautiful jar, available in different colors. With sober and elegant lines, as soon as the candle burned out, you will be able to keep a minimalist jar to decorate and/ or use as a container for storage small objects.

In addition, we know that environmental issues are increasingly a concern for all brands, Blomus creates this special and environmentally friendly candle.
Why? Because the aromas of this collection are natural, using natural soy wax.

By choosing Fraga, you are not only choosing to decorate with the soft light you love so much; as well as guarantee an environmentally friendly piece.


The candle will burn for up to 24 hours with extremely low soot production.
By the use of natural soy wax, the candles are free from toxins and environmentally friendly.

Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 6,5 cm


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