Profi plus dough scraper - WMF

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WMF - Small dough scraper

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WMF - Medium dough scraper



Dough scraper ...
To scrape the bottom of the bowl! Delicious!

An accessory that all great masters confectioners have around!

A very useful and versatile spatula to help mixing tasty combinations of ingredients

Near the end, before taking the mixture in the oven, scrape the bottom of the bowl until the end!

None of its magic content can be wasted!!

If some sweet tooth passes by and scrapes the bowl with his finger, introduce him to this spatula ...
But forgive the gesture ... just this once!


Height: 24 cm



Height: 28 cm


Dishwasher safe.
In polished stainless steel with Cromargan® protection, from "Profi Plus" line.