Macchiato milk and sugar set - Blomus

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Blomus - Macchiato milk and sugar set



Macchiato, milk or sugar?

This Macchiato set is perfect for every hot beverage, promising to fulfill all your delights!

With simple lines, a clean design, functionality rules this set.

A sugarbowl and a milk jug, perfect for your table, let you savour a delicious coffee and enjoy a great company.

Very easy to refill and use, Macchiato is made of glass and has a stainless steel lid. The sugarbowl has a hole from where you can pour sugar and sweeten everything as you wish. The milk jug has a screw lid that regulates the quantity of milk poured.

A Macchiato Coffee has just a slight portion of milk.... A Latte Macchiato has just a slight portion of coffee...

Which is your favourite? With sugar please!

Suitable for the dishwasher

Height: 17 cm
Diameter: 5,5 cm
Capacity: 150 ml