Amaze folding side table - Cane Line

Discontinued Product.
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Amaze folding tray table... "to go please"!

Flexible and unique... on the outside as in the inside
The top of the table may be used as a tray!

Its sublime elegance combines with the multifunctional use either inside home or on the terrace.
The use of wood and aluminum, creates a more sophisticated and smoother appearance.

Made of Teka, a natural material that lasts a lifetime, this chaiselongue promises good times for ever!
The way it ages depends on how it was treated from the beginning: if untreated, the color changes to a beautifully silver-gray. The charm of aging!
Just pass the treatment oil once a year, and it will maintain its shine and youth.
Regardless of the choice, this wood is beautiful and classic, with a long-lasting life.

Together with the remaining items from the Amaze line, will surprised everyone !!!


design Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

Cane Line
Height: 43 cm
Width: 58 cm
Depth: 53 cm


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