Coffee maker cafe solo - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Coffee maker - 1,4 liters

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Eva Solo - Coffee maker beije wool cover - 1 liter

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Eva Solo - Coffee maker light grey cover - 1 liter




CafeSolo, the EvaSolo coffee maker.

Coffee is a complex drink, yet a simple ingredient, suited for cosy moments. 

The Eva Solo, CafeSolo has a functional design that
enriches, simple and enjoyable moments.

The neoprene cover, besides being aesthetically appealing, keeps the coffee hot for half an hour. Design and functionality as one once again.

Experience the original taste of coffee with the innovating CafeSolo coffee maker, for it should never be hard to prepare nor serve a good coffee:

  1. Add a spoon of fresh grounded coffee beans into the flask and put on the cover;
  2. Add boiling water;
  3. Stir using the enclosed stirrer;
  4. Place the filter funnel and the tip-up lid in the flask, leave the coffee to brew for 4 minutes and it is ready for serving.

Made out of borosilicate glass, silicone, stainless steel and neoprene.

It includes a non-dipping patented system by Eva Solo, so that you can taste your coffee till the last drop.

Dishwasher safe.

The cover should be handwshed in cold water.


Awards and distinctions:

  • Form 2003-Tendence Frankfurt, Germany
  • Grand Prix de L Art de Vivre ´ 2003-Maison & Object Paris, France
  • Residences Decoration "Tout L ´ Espirit" 2003-Maison & Object Paris, France
  • Design Plus Ambiente Frankfurt, Germany-2004
  • Danish Design Project-The Museum of Modern Art New York, United States
  • Form-product 1st prize 2004-Furnishing and tabletop Shape Fair, Finland
  • Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Gold Winner 2005 BisinessWeek Magazine and IDSA, United States
  • Baden-Württemberg International Design Award 2004 "Focus in Silber", Design Center Stuttgart, Germany
  • IF Design Award 2006 Industrie Forum Design Hannover, Germany
  • Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2006 "Gold Winner" BusinessWeek magazine and IDSA, United States
  • Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2006 People's Choice ´ BusinessWeek magazine and IDSA, United States
  • G-Mark 2006, JIDPO, Japan
  • The International Design Yearbook 2007
  • Designpreis 2007-Nominee-German Design Council, Germany

Eva Solo
Height: 17.5 cm
Diameter: 10.2 cm
Capacity: 0.6 lt



Eva Solo
Height: 21.5 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Capacity: 1 lt