The nest guarnition ball - Cookplay

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    Cookplay The nest guarnition ball
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Cookplay - The nest guarnition ball

The nest guarnition ball - Cookplay

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The garnish is the background of the dish, it serves to enhance the dish.
Its main function is to magnify the textures, to give a beautiful contrast to the main dish, to add flavor; and, last but not least, it is often used for decoration. 
With so many adjacent characteristics, it is also important to serve in a piece that combines all these fundamental points. A piece that serves its purpose but that also enhances the table decoration. That completes the service.

This is the perfect nest to serve the garnish.

The Nest bowls: refine the appearance and magnify the flavor of your dish.
Use these bowls of noble, sober and sophisticated lines to complete your table service with refinement.

The Tablet collection is a tribute to Steve Jobs. This collection combines sophistication with modernity, in universal sets, perfect for serving any type of food and/or meal. Sinuous and expressive designs, for a richer table.

In porcelain matte.
Microwave and dishwasher proof.


Height: 8,7 cm
Width: 12 cm
Depth: 10 cm


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