The platter large platter - Cookplay

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    Cookplay The platter large platter
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Cookplay - The platter large platter

Cookplay - The platter




Trays can be the perfect stage to elevate any gastronomic choice.
They are also capable of making the simplest dishes stand out.
They are essential utensils.

Trays in porcelain matte: the right choice.

A simple form and easy to use, in a contemporary and modern approach that support the design of this piece.
Beauty and utility.

The Tablet collection is a tribute to Steve Jobs. This collection combines sophistication with modernity, in universal sets, perfect for serving any type of food and/or meal. Sinuous and expressive designs, for a richer table.

Trays porcelain matte, from The tablet collection.
Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Height: 2,2 cm
Width: 35,5 cm
Depth: 23,5 cm


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