Nanimarquina rugs are produced in countries with a great tradition in the art of spinning and weaving by hand like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Morocco.


Hand Tufted - Nanimarquina Rugs & Carpets

Hand Tufted

Manual method carried out with the aid of a pistol-like device.

When actuated, it fires and then cuts a portion of the wool, inserting it into a cotton cloth base, on which the pattern has been previously marked. The wool is fixed to the base by means of latex.

It allows elaborate designs but not precise curved ones.

Hand Loomed

The hand loomed system uses a manually actuated loom.
It consists of a device that allows the insertion and extraction of rods that fix the height of the pile, also allowing it to be cut.
It uses three warps and one woof interconnected, forming a rigid and sturdy structure that holds the wool.

It allows the production of both looped and cut pile. 
It only permits simple designs. 


Hand Loomed - Nanimarquina Rugs & Carpets
Hand Woven - Nanimarquina Rugs & Carpets

Hand Woven

The carpet is produced manually in a vertical loom in which the weft and the wire are firmly connected by means of a knot.
The ripple of wire creates a small braid is one of the features of this handmade weaving technique.
Besides allowing create drawings with much detail results in hairless carpets.

Hand Knotted

The hand knotted system is a completely manual one, in which the wool is strongly attached to the base by means of a knot. 
The form of knotting, type of knot and its thickness differentiate the different types of rugs made with this elaborate manual method. 
The value and durability of the rug increase in direct proportion to the number of knots employed. 


Hand Knotted - Nanimarquina Rugs & Carpets
Hand Sewn - Nanimarquina Rugs & Carpets

Hand Sewn

This carpet weaving technique is based on the principles of manual sewing.
Although apparently be a simple carpet weaving technique, it is one of the most complicated because it requires very patient and skilled labor in the art of producing carpets.
Through every little manual point that is left in sight, a textured and soft surface is created.