At any time we feel the desire to innovate, to redecorate, to give a new life and another look to the rooms of our home. With the arrival of the hottest seasons, we also have the need to give joy and offering a fresh and new look to all areas at home.

To maximize and have some fun and excitement in this task of decorating, even with a lower budgets – we will help you to choose the most elegant and sophisticated decoration. 








At Inexistencia...

we help you realize how to find beauty in simplistic and relaxed pieces, recognized by the most respected architects and chefs. We deconstruct false thoughts that suggest that charm and elegance are always connected with high prices.

Introducing ASA Selection. ASA is a leader in ceramics industry and represents the perfect harmony between modern and simple design. A brand that expands its unique collections, focused on Living and Dining design.

Get Inspired! When the budget is not too high but decorating and completing your home is a funny and exciting task - and when the demand for contemporary objects that follow trends becomes an occupation that stimulates creativity and is inspiring.



serenity of sunrise

The grace of porcelain in combination with the softness of white. Contemporary lines that match in any home. For a breakfast full of tranquility and well-being. The elegance and the calmness needed to start a perfect day.
It's these simplistic and affordable designs with soft sophistication that allows us to have the best in ASA Selection collections.

From Linna, with handmade pieces with passion and perfectly unusual reliefs; to Chava Téa, with collections of cups in white porcelain and saucers in mahogany wood, in a beautiful and fresh contrast.






 white sophistication

A color with infinite possibilities, that contrasts with any other tone; that is elegant and emanates tranquility. These are more than reasons to choose this color when you want to decorate a room, a table or create new environment. Dress your home table with style has never been so easy, so elegant and so cheap for your wallet. 

Trust these wise alternatives! Especially if you are young and you want a modern style that follows trends, without dispense high budgets. By the way, why don't you pick up your favorite ASA Selection table set and invite your friends for a dinner at home? Prove them how you can decorate a table without a very stuffy budget.


white sophistication


 edgy black

Timeless and magnificent, black always adds irreverence to any decor. The peculiarity of this color, lifts the veil of boldness, and results in any space. At table, in highlight accessories, in furniture. Black highlight any space.

And don't be afraid to use this color in your home areas, even if the sun season is arriving. As we say, "With black I never compromise myself!" - the same apply to the decoration. And for that reason we give you some suggestions for spaces with black notes, without making the place heavy and / or compromising the color seasons.

edgy black

 flowers and garden

Hot seasons are almost here and enjoying outdoor activities is a basic rule. Use in home decor vibrant flowers and fresh plants / herbs is a challenge but also the premise to bring nature indoors. Explore in the best way possible the stunning, life-filled and colorful collections of Asa Selection. The practical design, with pure colors and straight lines, become key features that follow the progress and growth of this brand - which promises to help you when it comes to decoration. 

If you want an interior garden where you can feel positive energy, get inspired with our suggestions!



Inspiring influences for a winning home!