28 September 2021

Falling for fall

Colors have changed, textures are different. Now we are looking for more comfort and coziness at home. Autumn is here!


September is about to end and we already feel that the new season has arrived - around this time, the aesthetic changes, the colors change, textures are different. Now we are looking for more comfort and coziness at home. When we think of autumn, we think of well-being, cozy environments, tranquility; we think of candles, new aromas and some good layers; it's all about earth tones, warm meals and inviting settings.

It’s the little things that make a house a home - get inspired and explore some pieces that are perfect for this season.



MENU Offset Sofa It is at home that you find the most comfortable scenarios, it is in the living room that you like to spend hours alone, or with family and friends; it is on the couch that the conversation goes on, that the movies & series nights are most enjoyable. Very architectural in appearance, yet light and inviting, it harmonizes different aesthetic standards.
The best place in your room.


eva solo

EVA SOLO Legio Nova The Nordic essence at the table. With a harmonious and elegant design, it adapts to any environment. Legio Nova always shines for its simplicity, harmony and refinement. These are pieces that we like to have at home: for daily use or to put on the table for a special occasion.



IITTALA Birds by Toyka The figures of the season that stand out and add personality and character to the decoration. Each bird is individually worked in crystal, so each piece is unique.


bordallo pinheiro

BORDALLO PINHEIRO Couve Collection Set the table in autumn style and invite your family and friends. In the comfort of home, with the most iconic pieces.



HAY Paper Porcelain Vase Where flowers like to be, the perfect vase to decorate any space. The texture of the vase in contrast to the ceramic, reminds us of the coarse paper. Bring the autumn flowers to your home. In the artistic Bordallo Pinheiro's ceramic, there are many techniques and procedures, some centenarians, responsible for the final quality. 



NANIMARQUINA Flora Promenade Rug Walk in a garden of biomorphic flowers.This piece is a work of art, which will stand out in any area. The use of color, strategically enhance and attenuate certain details. Poetic, dense but at the same time delicate, this is a rug that tells stories.

Suggested Products

Flora promenade rug 170x240
$ 2642.16

Flora promenade rug 170x240 - Nanimarquina

Flora promenade rectangular - Nanimarquina

Cabbage tureen 2 liters
$ 71.15

Cabbage tureen 2 liters - Bordallo Pinheiro

Terrina 2L Natural - Bordallo Pinheiro

$ 472.60
Legio nova candlestick
$ 27.73

Legio nova candlestick - Eva Solo

Legio nova candlestick - Eva Solo

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