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Menu - Offset 3 seat sofa

Menu - Offset 3 seat sofa




It is at home that you find the most comfortable scenarios, it is in the living room that you like to spend hours alone, or with family and friends; it is on the couch that the conversation goes on, that the movies & series nights are most enjoyable. And because of this, the living room is such an important area and we are always looking for the best sofas. 

When in simplicity and minimalism, we find the sofa that has always been missing at home.

This is Offset, a proposal to guarantee all the needs of your everyday life.
This sofa was created in the simplicity; however, adopting a set of essential paradoxes for every home: comfort, beauty and structure.

Very architectural in appearance, yet light and inviting, it harmonizes different aesthetic standards.
The best place in your room.

Three seat sofa "Offset".
The sofa has a structural frame made from pine and plywood.
The seat has a double foam layer with no-zag springs.
The back cushions are made with a foam core, with 50% feathers and 50% foam chips.
The armrest cushions are made from 50% feathers and 50% foam chips.
The fabric Maple color 222 has composition of 81% Viscose, 15% Linen and 4% Polyester.
Felt glides are included.

Height: 65,5 cm
Seat Height: 37 cm
Width: 224,3 cm
Depth: 90 cm


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