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Modern bathrooms

There are several options for those who want to renovate or totally change the bathroom. Get inspired with Blomus.



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One of the less thoughtful divisions but one of the most useful. We talk about the bathroom - which can be, on many occasions, a challenge in terms of decoration and organization; make a good mix between functionality and modern objects is a hard task. We know this is the most private space at home but that's just one more reason to treat it with care and dedication.

Don't forget this area.

Keep in mind that this is a necessary space for every morning. Used by whole family, who needs to leave on time to school or to work. On the other hand, it can serve to relax after a long day of work, with a relaxing bath. So, it is important to create a good environment and devote the same time and attention as you do to all other divisions of your home. You will find that decorating the bathroom is as fun and creative as any other space!

Simplicity and space are key words.

The amplitude is obtained with the use of mirrors, which make the illusion of a wider space; complete with the right lighting: it's better if you can get natural light because it makes everything shine more but if this is not a possibility, don't be afraid!, just know that artificial light should illuminate uniformly throughout the space, so light must be in a central area, so space is stays in the shade.

We invite you to get inspired and take some risk in bathrooms on open spaces that allow natural light to get in. In addition to this, the organization of space must be a priority: know how to enjoy each nook and take as an alternative accessories that allow you to organize without taking up too much space.

Believe us, there are several options for those who want to renovate or totally change the bathroom area. And you do not have to neglect modernity and design.

At Inexistencia we have some tips for you!


organization and storage




BlomusMenoto toiletpaper holder and brus
elegant, it is indespensable to every bathroom.





BlomusMenoto towel stand
add elegance and style to your bathroom.

BlomusAreo wall mounted hair dryer holder
an essential accessory for the perfect organization.


Areo wall mounted toilet paper holder
it's in the small details that lies the difference.







BlomusNexio dispenser for cotton buds and pads
clean-chic, elegant and timeless design it's perfect for any area!



Ara toothbrush mug
because the essential pieces don't need not be boring...



BlomusAreo toilet brush
a great piece of high quality and undeniable elegance.


Nexio dispenser for cotton buds and pads nexio
the perfect accessory for your bathroom. 



blomus bathroom essentials



Pure SPA!



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