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There are brands that stand out, among many others. At Inexistência, we have the best brands in the world of decoration and design.






Pure design and simplicity in elegance make Blomus a special brand when it comes to decoration and design. Founded in 2001, it is a German brand that stands out in the innovative manufacture of stainless steel products with modern design.
Blomus offers a wide range of kitchen accessories, fireplaces, bathroom and office and create products recognized and awarded internationally.

Find out some of the ones we like the most: 

blomus products




Madra Log basket
Madra, is a log carrier basket with a pedestal. A 2 in 1 full of style.
2 in 1: carry the logs from the storage room to the fireplace. 



BlomusFaro tealighter holder
The contraste between the glass and the stainless stell, makes these tealight holders even more specials: the flame that bursts within the glass.
They can be used as a set or individually, on the outdoor as well as in the indoor.




Fuoco firepit
Its smooth and elegant shapes attracts even the most rebel eye.
With the power of providing impressive effects, the flame creats patterns, gathers and warms up everyone around it.




BlomusNexio towels hook
To decorate and organize.
A touch of modernity, based on hooks, which is also a piece of decoration - for its special design and care with its aesthetics.



BlomusFuera bird feeder
For any friend who comes to your garden flying by!
An original two-in-one piece created especially for birds, with the possibility of becoming a delicious and refreshing perch for bird bathing.



BlomusLounge ice cubes
Ice cubes to enjoy your drink at any time.
Small and stainless steel ice cubes that promise to refresh any drink you wish. Let's make a toaste to the ice cubes - that you can't miss for this summer!




Find out all the products by Blomus!



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  • Fuera bird feeder
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  • earn $ 1.75RRP $ 38.24 $ 35.17

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Diola fruit bowl - Blomus

Blomus - Diola fruit bowl

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