At this time of the year when the streets are filled with color, music and happiness, at Inexistencia we keep up with the good mood.

To decorate your home, and get it ready for Canival, you have to use vibrant colors, a lot of creativity, some exuberance and very funny themes. This party is all about celebration and samba music; so we have some suggestions for you to dress up your home to receive Carnival.
Invite your friends, reunite your party partners and have some fun - right before you go out to celebrate on the streets.

Don't forget that the main rule is having fun: and believe, decorate your home for this party will be a very funny task.


color explosion my drap

Don't forget: it is Carnival, no one become offended!

It's time to dare! Don't be afraid of spice it up, with bright colors and exuberant accessories. This day screams for happiness, for pink, yellow, blue or orange - the possibilities are endless and don't be afraid to mix textures, patterns, colors or shapes. With good taste, imagination and creativity, everything will be on the right place.

We help you with some ideas:

Versatile napkins that can be used in many different ocasions and/or at parties and celebrations. With a large pallete of colors, these revolucionary napkins will be an highlight at your table. If you are thinking about make a dinner for friends, on Carnival day, this is the right choice. With explosive colors - from pink to pistache - MyDrap matches with the party spirit and their design is very sophisticated and minimalistic (without lose that edgy touch), which combines with several Dinnerware. Dress your table with style!

And Carnival is all about confetti, serpentines and balloons. These are the eternal props that mark every party. Combined with some decorating and design accessories, they will add joy and lift the mood. Without much changes or effort, and without losing much of your time, you can use some vases - a common accessory in any home - as a winning bet. If it is a special celebration, leave the flowers aside. In a more original way and in an allusion to the theme, choose the carnival accessories to decorate your jugs.

Yet about colors: exuberant puffs are super welcome inside home!
To chat with friends, for pre-dinner conversations, for a refined style decoration. Easy to use, with funny designs, from orange to lime: adapt our suggestions and ideas to your own personal taste and style and your home will become a real Carnival party!


lego surprises

Surprising your guests with some souvenirs is always a good idea. At Carnival, even better. Allow your imagination to fly.
Welcome your friends with a good mood. In a small basket or in colored boxes, attach some accessories that mark the day.

For example? We have some ideas:
- glitter hats
- feathers
- colorful wigs for the most edgy friends
- horns (the more noise you make, the better!)
- clown noses
- funny and quirky glasses

What would this day be without animation and some jokes? The baskets or boxes also serve as decorative accessories; and they will allow everyone to truly enter into the Carnival spirit.


3. Get into the spirit


bar accessories wmf



4 cl tequila
1 cl cointreau
1 cl fresh lemon juice

Place ice and all ingredients in the shaker and shake for 30 seconds. Pour it into a cocktail glass.
Attention: spread a lemon slice around the glass' rim followed by salt.

Don't you know what we are talking about? Margarita, of course!


On this day it is imperative to enter into the party spirit - and drinks or cocktails with friends are an integral part of any celebration. If Carnival starts at your house, don't forget to prepare a bar; If you have to improvise, don't be afraid because with the right accessories - those that combine functionality with innovative design - you will certainly be the best Barman or Barmaid.
Serve the best cocktails and surprise everyone.
Warm up the environment, keep the atmosphere cheerful and make delicious drinks!



carnival beyond borders travel essentials


If what you really enjoy is to get aware of new habits, cultures and ways of celebrating the carnival, you should know that in many European countries this is also one of the biggest and funniest parties of the year. From São Miguel, in the Azores to Cologne, in Germany; many are the traditions and customs to celebrate this season of pure happiness and enthusiasm. You will really want to visit these destinations. Save your camera, make your travel essentials list, and go!

Oh, and what about the masks?! They are always the motto for anywhere you go. So, don't forget to carry your favourite one in your suitcase! And have fun...a lot of fun!

São Miguel, Azores

This city is a battlefield on Tuesday of Carnival. Yes, you read it well. In São Miguel one of the most prominent traditions is the water battle - or also titled as limes battle - in which the teams move in trucks and fill the streets, fighting amusingly for the victory.

Cologne, Germany

Surprise yourself! In this german city, the preparations for Carnival begin in November. It is true, many months before Carnival. If you are thinking about going to Cologne, you will not just watch the parades. Here, everyone participates! They say that this is the most funny and lively carnival in Europe and this period is known as "fifth season".

Venice, Italy

Who has not heard about the luxuriant masks and accessories of this city? The seventeenth century costumes are the motto of this carnival - famous around the world - and the dominant theme. Venice receives at this time of the year, 3 million of tourists, which proves the worldwide immensity of this Carnival.



Never forget that this is the most funny time of the year. Get in the mood and let yourself go!