When it's time to choose whant you want to take to your home, do you think about the environment?

We believe that it is possible to make a wisely choise, choose products that are less harmful and we believe in responsible choices and wise alternatives. 

It is for that reason that we want to talk about it for you stop and think about that issue too. 
When it's time to choose your daily products, decide on conscience!

At Inexistência we have a special and very importante selection of eco-friendly products. And products that are your friends too. Because one thing leads to another. And because one and only attitude can make a difference forever.


inexistencia suggestions


Find out how eco-frienldy products can also be decoration and design pieces!



When the change is positive…



ReisenthelEco Friendly bags

in alternative to plastic shopping bags.
Tudo pode melhorar se pensarmos nos pequenos detalhes. Use Mini Maxi Shopper; you are helping the environment by not using plastic bags. These bags are made of a very resistant polyester that does not tear up and it is, therefore, reusable.




MonbentoStainless steel cutlery set

in alternativea to plastic cutlery.
MB Pocket cutlery, in stainless steel and with an elegant case is always ready for action. Forget the plastic cutlery, weak and quite unsightly. Enjoy a healthy meal, prepared at home with MB Pocket cutlery as your great ally.




Black BlumWater tap

in alternative to bottled water.
Eau Good, with Bichotan, the active charcoal that purifies the water, giving it a pleasant flavour. The eau good bottle is made of BPA free tritan, cork, stainless steel and silicon.




MydrapReusable napkins 

⇆ in alternative to paper napkins. 
In  high quality cotton, these are the first napkins in a rol! The revolution is here. Reusable, they can be washed up to 6 times, in the washing machine or by hand.



BacsacGeotextile vase

in alternative to flower pots. 
In geotextile, this vase is 100% recyclable, resistant to high temperatures and UV rays. In both urban or rural areas, Bacsac® is a portable fragment of nature, an ecological vegetable or flower garden, the secret garden you always wished for: flowers to pick, vegetables to eat.




WMFConserve glass boxes

⇆ in alternative to plastic boxes.  
Did you know that glass is the only material that is 100% recyclable?! It can be reused and for that reduce the impact on the environment. Keep your food safe; take care of yourself and your family - with these Top serve conserve boxes. 




PreparaIce ball tray 

⇆ in alternative ice bags.
Easy to use, you just have to add water into the ice ball and let it sit in the freezer. They are dishwasher safe so you can use it several times. 




SimpleFormsCork Stool Seat

⇆ in alternative to wood stool seat.
A cork stool created to surprise whomever sits on him. The straight lines and the simple cut makes Stool and excellent choice.





Cover Lantern

⇆ in alternative to candles.
An elegant and modern lantern, rechargeable, that you'll want to have always at hand. Clover lantern or presence lamp, offers two light intensities with just one touch.





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