This year we bet on tranquility, peace and elegance for Christmas Eve.
The white tone is the highlight for the nght, which is not only striking - in contrast with all other colors - but also attracts sophistication and purity in a unique setting.

Since this is a time that speaks for itself, whose ornaments are the spotlight, we want to purify the rest of the environment. Make it a place of lightness and harmony, to receive family and friends. In parallel, everything in white brings us the feeling of Christmas, winter, comfort: and so it is win bet.

In the Christmas tree, in the lighting, in the choice of dinnerware or even in candle holders, the choices are endless. In strategic details, the color of snow will bring the Christmas charm to the interior of your home. For elegance and refinement, white is also a wise choice if you want to get away from the traditional reds and greens tones.

Get the Look with Inexistência and find out our suggestions. 

This year we turning the house into a complete snow-white scenario, for a special Christmas!


eos lamp



Eos mini suspension lamp, Vita
Goose feathers dress up this lamp and make it unique! It's the perfect accessory for a magical decoration. 



MenuNew norm plates - Menu

The nordic aesthetic to ensure luxury in every dinner. Especially for the Christmas celebrations.



House DoctorElegant cutlery - House Doctor
Take a risk and combine sober pieces with the irreverence of such a vibrant tone. This is our choice for 24th december. 



AlessiDressed for x-mas cake stand - Alessi
In porcelain, for a Christmas decoration in shades of white, the cake stand is a piece that you can not miss.



IittalaAalto vases - Iittala
Imagine the beautiful contrast between white Aalto and red Poinsettia. The Christmas flower will be an highlight in this glass piece.



Holme GaardDesign with light prato para velas - Holme Gaard
A celebtatio to light and modernism! During  december, it is perfect to place christmas decorations or the traditional christmas garland.




christmas decoration





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