24 November 2021

Christmas spirit

It's never too early to think about Christmas. How to decorate the table, how to decorate the house: explore our suggestions.


It's time to think about the most magical time of the year. We are talking about Christmas.
This time is so special, enchanting and full of fantasy, that we want to bring this Christmas spirit to our home decorations.

Have you already chosen the pieces for this christmas? Get inspired!


At table

at table

The table is that special place to gather everyone together, on the most special night of the year. It is around the table that all the family share stories and create new memories, year after year.
Serve the Christmas dinner with the most beautiful pieces. It's time to prepare the tableware, to choose the decorations.



Here your will find the characters of this season. It's the small details that make each home unique - and Alessi is the brand that creates the best pieces for an enchanted Christmas.
Get inspired and choose your favorites.

Create the perfect scenario



The perfect aroma for the most special nights. Let these aromas invade every area of ​​your home, spreading through the atmosphere.



For the most classic arrangements of this season or for the most creative ideas for Christmas ornaments - the possibilities are endless with these vases. 
Explore our suggestions and find out the perfect vases to complete your home decoration.

Suggested Products

Bark for christmas
$ 137.33

Bark for christmas - Alessi

Bark for christmas - Alessi

Nordic kitchen set of 4 plates 17cm
$ 46.55

Nordic kitchen set of 4 plates 17cm - Eva Solo

Nordic kitchen plates - Eva Solo

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