This is an easy, consensual and beautiful way to decorate your home - and with spring here and summer right around the corner,  flowers are one of the must-haves to take inside. 




And to receive the flowers, the versatility of vases that you find at store.inexistencia allows you to choose the one that best suits the style of your home, your personal taste and the flowers you love.


 Special Iittala





Aalto vase clear€ 65,55
This is one of the great pieces in modern architecture and scandinavian design.

Iittala Aalto vase desert - Iittala 
€ 132,05
A vase for flowers...A work of art! The beauty of handmade work.






Ruutu green vase - Iittala
€ 189,05

Fluid and with a geometric form, when combined together, bring glass to life. 


Ruutu red vase - Iittala
€ 170,05

Ruutu means diamond or square in Finnish. And so these jars were born!






The beauty of simplicity 




Black Blum

Flower loop - Black Blum
€ 32,20

With free flowing, steel threaded, simple and curved lines.

House DoctorWoody vase - House Doctor
€ 32,25
Wwhen the classic walks side by side with the modern style.



House Doctor
Wave vase - House Doctor
€ 23,00
A wave of inspiration. A wave of unique eccentricity!

Asa Selection

Nova vases - Asa Selection
€ 35,68

Nova was inspired by the materials in their natural form and beauty.




A big contrast





Folded vases - Menu
€ 104,45
They are the perfect place to put color and life! Decorate with flowers. 

MenuRubbervase - Menu
€ 33,20
A rubber jar, fun and surprisingly unusual! 



House Doctor

Groove vase - House Doctor
€ 31,50
For those who like to dare. The strength of the black!

Asa Selection

Noma vases - Asa Selection
€ 32,10
The perfect details: sophistication and timelessness.








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