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We love jim hannontan nut splitter

Elegance, sophistication and a singular way in one object. Renowned for the high quality products, Alessi uses them to make people happy, every creation has a touch of poetry.



We love this Nut Splitter




We love this nut splitter, as well as all Alessi's products,

Alessi, the brand that is nicknamed "Dream Factory", has more than 90 years and has all the affection of its fans who follow it and fall in love with Alessi's pieces.
Renowned for the high quality products, Alessi uses them to make people happy, every creation has a touch of poetry.

A good exemple is the nut slipper.


Jim Hannon created the Nut Splitter ...

The elegance, sophistication and singular way, makes it very special.
You don't have to be a nut lover, to surrend to the subtlety of the nut cracker that inexplicably brings a sense of magic when we look at it. In addition, its utility is comparable to its beauty and for that we really want to have it in our house.

Because tasting a nut is not an easy task...the Nut Splitter is a proof that in three steps, you can enjoy this fruit:
- Stick it in the nut
- Turn around
- And it's done!



Made in stainless steel, this small object is graceful as it is very functional.
We love Nut Splitter!




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Teresa Pontes.
Letters are her huge passion and writing is what fascinates her the most. She has understood that decoration can be so charming as the words, so, gathering together the two areas is an amazing challenge, as well as the culmination of a very rewarding adventure. To be involved in a project like store.inexistencia.com and, consequently, with the blog is really overwhelming.


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