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Mother's Day lunch!

On a very special day, whenyou should give all your love to you mom, you shouldn't forget to prepare a very delicious lunch. 

To avoid the inconvenience of public places, to share the day only with the great love of your life, we suggest you invite her for a lunch at home. And we have some ideas and inspirations to make a special decoration on this celebratory day!
Show how important your mother is and receive her at home with a festive, comfortable, elegant and thoughtful table.

And even if the meal is something simple, this aspect will always be complemented by the beauty and refinement of a careful decoration. prepared with love.


Chopping board, Rosendahl
The bond between practical, useful and aesthetic design!
Use it to serve cheese, appetizers: to prepare for this special lunch. 



Rectangular plate, Rosendahl 
Place your delicacies in this elegant piece and let food speak for itself.
A modern, minimalist serving dish, suitable for everything sweet and everyhting salty. 



Magnum wineglasses, Eva Solo
Besides being perfect for tasting, the Eva Solo wine glasses are also the ideal choice to serve:
And we toast to best mother in the world!



Wine breather deluxe - Menu
A best seller that also will be a must have!
A winnig decanter, simple, elegant and full of sophistication. 



Maria flor prato cake stand - Bordallo Pinheiro
Love me, love me not...Love me! 
This is the perfect cake stand to serve mom's favourite cake. 



Napkin Sand - Mydrap
With a large pallete of colours, you can match them as you like, giving a happy mood to your table.
They will bring out the best of our table decorations








Teresa Pontes Casa Jardim Decoração
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Teresa Pontes.
Letters are her huge passion and writing is what fascinates her the most. She has understood that decoration can be so charming as the words, so, gathering together the two areas is an amazing challenge, as well as the culmination of a very rewarding adventure. To be involved in a project like and, consequently, with the blog is really overwhelming.