Munna is the Portuguese brand that emerged in 2008, in Oporto.
To prove that "what is national is good," Munna finds inspiration in the cultural heritage left by the artisans, designers and carpenters who make this a timeless brand and wonderfully glamorous, making anyone fall in love at first sight.



Searching for difference, the motto of Munna is "break every rule, every day", creating a universe able to fascinate, as soon as we see the Portuguese brand products - which promises to grow and leave its signature all over the world.
The essence is the design - and with these pieces, we stumbled in elegance, originality and freedom, and the peculiarity in all elements makes us want to buy it.

"Transform emotion into products."

So Munna, knowing that the essence is the design, creates amazement and fascination in its collection.
And the key word is originality, the names assigned to each product are really extravagant. Female names? Original names? It’s all present in attractive pieces.




The armchair that is a pure delight both for the eye and the touch. It's pure glam! Perfect for making a living space absolutely irresistible.
Time to give Munna a warm welcome!


Teresa Pontes Casa Jardim Decoração
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Teresa Pontes.
Letters are her huge passion and writing is what fascinates her the most. She has understood that decoration can be so charming as the words, so, gathering together the two areas is an amazing challenge, as well as the culmination of a very rewarding adventure. To be involved in a project like and, consequently, with the blog is really overwhelming.