new year caneline

With 2016 ending, many are the resolutions for the new year that almost, almost knocks at the door.

Within minutes of the old year, when the clocks rings, the promises are mixed with the wishes that are made. The expectations for new goals and achievements, for some differences that make life more enjoyable, by desires written in a list, in a paper, or in a diary.
The truth is that most of the people who seem predisposed to find a new path, whether in their choices or changes in daily life, become lost on the first days and / or weeks of the new year. They forget the resolutions they made and they give up ... because, after all, wanting for a new year different from the old one is just a tradition.

"I swear I'll quit smoke.
I'm going to do exercise every day.
I'm having dinner parties with my friends.
I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that... "

But, in fact, the resolutions end when on the first night out we can not resist the cigarette that is offered by a friend, when laziness takes over and every Monday and Thursday and Friday we just not want to go training, or when work is always on first place and dinners that had been organized are forgotten.
These "resolutions" should be not an obligation, instead they should be positive changes that will certainly make people happier.


Small changes make all the difference!


1.Organize the office

MenuBecause between papers, notes, materials and computers, there is no space left to imagination. We believe that a messy place will not bring any advantage when it comes to work. Free, open and organized spaces are the key to concentration, creativity and to give wings to imagination. Just start in 2016 and, for sure, 2017 will become a very prosperous year in your professional career.


2. Take care of your plants

Eva SoloTake a few minutes of your day to treat your plants: they will love it!
Do you know that there are alternatives if you have no time or if you just forget your plants?! Eva Solo Herb pots are the perfect solution to ensure the longevity of your plants: they are indoor pots, based on nature's principle of watering.


3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

MonbentoDo not choose fast food meals!
Preparing a lunch box at home is much healthier, cheaper and faster.
Lunch box lovers have increased and the design, color and model options are endless. In 2017, take your lunch box to work, to the office...everywhere, with style!


4. Read more

Black BlumBooks let us go to places we've never been, make part of adventures we've never lived, and try passions we don't know yet. The culture, wisdom, and lessons that we learn from books are never forgotten and remain forever in our lives.


5. Recycle

ReisenthelCaring for the environment should be a mission for all.
Without difficulty, with style and having in mind a better world. Reisenthel bags are the answer to an eco-friendly idea. They are small things that make all the difference!


6. Make your dream trip

AuthenticsSão Paulo, Miami, New York.
Travels are one of the biggest dreams for many of us and so, in 2017, it's time to fulfill the adventure: go on in the journey of your life.
At Inexistencia, travel essentials are only a click away. Now, just buy the tickets...and go!


7.Go to the gym every day

Eva SoloDid you know that physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease and bone strengthening? It is very important to take care of yourself and your health, to ensure a wonderful 2017!
If you are looking for motivation, find out the Eva Solo bottles: with the bottle My Flavor you can add fruit, vegetables and everything you want to your water to enhance its flavor, color your life and take it to the gym!


8. Be more punctual

RosendahlDo not leave your friends or family waiting!
With original and revolutionary design watches, punctuality will be part of your daily routine and you'll never hear again: "You're late!"


9.Spend more time with family and friends

ProspettiveSometimes work takes all the time, availability and energies. In this new year, get rid of worries, e-mails and paperwork. Spend more time with those you love the most because your company is always very important to them. And nothing is better than a dinner full of laughter, good mood and love.


10. Be happy

The golden rule, that must be followed year after year, day after day.
Happiness always comes first and is the premise for a successful life, full of joy! 




At Inexistencia we are very happy to be part of your life for one more year. In 2017, our wish is to have the best costumers in the world by our side.


Happy New Year!