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    Eva Solo Frosted glasse vase Ø 11 cm
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Eva Solo - Frosted glasse vase Ø 11 cm

Eva Solo - Self-watering herb pots

Eva Solo



HerbPot, nature indoors!

Indoor pots, designed to extend and improve the quality of life of your indoor plants.
Designed for growing herbs in your kitchen, they can also be used throughout the house, with any type of plant.

Tools Design created these vases for Eva Solo, based on nature's watering principle.
In nature, plants withdraw from their roots the necessary water amount to survive. The same phenomenon happens in this Herb Pot.

In this case, however, the nylon thread, placed on the plants root on purpose, will absorbe the exact quantity of water the plant needs to flourish.

These pots are made up of 2 parts: a ceramic vase, for your plant, and a glass reservoir.

To get the most out of HerbPot, pass the nylon cord through the holes of the ceramic vase, add the Earth and the plant; fill the mat glass vase with water and place the pot with the plant on top.
Just one look to see if you must re-fill it with water.
Normally, but depending on the plants, you just need to re-fill with once a week.

Available in other colors and sizes!



Prizes and awards:

  • Design Plus Ambiente Frankfurt, Germany-2004
  • 2004-Red Dot Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany
  • The International Design Yearbook 2004
  • Baden-Württemberg International Design Award 2004 "Focus in Silber" Design Center Stuttgart, Germany
  • Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2005-Silver winner, BusinessWeek Magazine and IDSA, United States

Eva Solo
Height: 17,5 cm
Width: 12,5 cm


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