07 February 2022

Objets bijoux

Since 1921 creating dreamy pieces. Alessi creates objects that waken emotions.


Alessi, also known as Dream Factory, creat the most iconic products, with the aim of turning these everyday objects into pieces of pure magic and happiness. These are sculptural and practical utensils, that attend our everyday life and in daily uses - but also, these are unique and refined objects, designed not only for functionality but also for aesthetics.

Here we bring together the Objets Bijoux - a very special selection, with relevant and outstanding products from the Italian brand. These are the petite, precious object. Art and poetry, quality and tradition.


nut splitter

Nut Splitter, by Jim Hannon Tan
This nut cracker, "Nut splitter" was developed durong a workshop in "Ethics and Design" in july 2007. A small yet graceful object, a reminder of an ancient custom where nuts would be cracked by hand.
Made in polished stainless steel.




Risotto Serving Spoon, by Inga Sempé
A simple and minimalist yet expressive design, that has in its details the functionality to serve risotto. A thin and round spoon, simple and pleasant as eating a risotto. 



spoon rest

Spoon Rest Blip, by Paolo Gerosa
Light, discreet, yet elegant and precious - always available. The name "Blip" suggests the sound made by a drop of water. Everytime you cook you will always have at hand an object that is not only highly useful but also beautiful and elegant.
Made of stainless steel.




Chili Scruncher Piccantino, by LPWK
The giant chili to to grind up chili. A soft silicone container, closed with a plastic grid and a stainelss steel lid. Charismatic, distinct, practical and functional. Spicy! 




Tea Infuser To You, by Miriam Mirri
Brewing with love. The heart shaped opening and the small holes that allow the blending to take place, grant the tea a whole new flavour. A lovely piece that does not go unnoticed. It's light, full of love and perfect for everyday life.



pasta tester

Pasta Tester Vabene, by Miriam Mirri
Taste the pasta never was so good - this is the best kitchen utensil to confirm that your pasta is ready to serve. With Alessi's captivating design and Miriam Mirri's daring touch, it is possible to transform everyday objects into poetic pieces that give life to all home accessories.



pencil sharpener

Pencil Sharpener Kastor, by Rodrigo Torres
A reinvented pet for your work desk. It is practical and easy to use, placing the pencil on the beaver's mouth that can easily sharpen it: and due to its solid build up it can also be used as a paper weight. It is a project that was studied to the smallest detail.
Made of chrome zamak.

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